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Spies Live is Coming to Cities Across the United States

A Live Spy in Live Spy Game

Common objects containing hidden clues and instructions. Alliances formed with strangers. Clues from the barista in a crowded coffee-shop. Mysterious text messages from secret agents.

This isn’t real espionage, but a live-action, reality, adventure game called “Spies Live,” created by best selling author Daniel Blakeslee.

Instances of “Spies Live” is a murder mysteries wrapped with a scavenger hunt. It often require teamwork and well thought out strategies to win. It’s the surprising twists Blakeslee introduces throughout the games, including double agents and counter intelligence, that make them unique.

“I need to make games that bring individuals into a story and place them into these strange circumstances where they feel like this is genuine spying,” Blakeslee said.

Players can likewise modify occasions, and Blakeslee has facilitated some bizarre birthdays and spy-themed corporate retreats that took representatives dashing through the city while they put on a show to be mystery operators.

Blakeslee said he was working out the crimps and adding new parts to “Spies Live,” his most current creation. Without giving an excessive amount of away, a gathering of players meet in an assigned spot set apart by an article, then take after secretive bearings and reveal signs sent by means of SMS instant message.

They can shape groups and organizations together. Blakeslee said some of the time the general population recreations draw according to security protects, he guarantees players consent to stay inside lawful points of confinement. We guarantee they comprehend it’s a scrounger chase, not a genuine and passing circumstance.

Blakeslee’s first game debuted in 2013 after he moved to Norfolk, Virginia from Springfield, Missouri. Blakeslee began with “Spy4Secrets,” which takes players into the world of double agents as they try to expose the mole. Players had to use real spy craft to scheme their way into figuring out other players’ identities without revealing their own.

Secrecy is a major part of what makes “Spies Live” stay viable, and players usually have little idea of what they’re getting into. Players get into the game fast when the text messages start coming.

“Spies Live” has no office or official space to play. Blakeslee gets creative by involving downtown businesses and making use of public spaces.

After helping Blakeslee host a game at his downtown shop, 32-year-old owner James Conner said it offered an antidote to the typical weekend night out. “It’s interactive and something people can do with friends rather than sit in a movie,” Conner said.

One “Spies Live” player said it appealed to his sense of adventure. Mark Ross, of Virginia Beach, said he and his wife came across the game online while trying to find some interactive games to liven things up for their group of friends. “We used to really enjoy that kind of fun,” Ross said.

“This is how we designed the game to function, to connect people with their community geographically and connect people with their community personally,” Blakeslee said.

He said he has big plans to expand “Spies Live” to new cities, but true to form, Blakeslee is staying mum on the details.

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Sticking to your Budget

Accountability and Budget

Struggling with creating and sticking to your budget? – Get a budget accountability partner
Perhaps you have attempted to do a budget and just ended up with something totally unrealistic for your position?

However hard you tried, you always overspent when it comes to groceries. And this happens most of the time. You’re not the only one. We all have been there before. Budgeting takes trial and error to pin down and it‘s a demanding work. No one ever said it’d not be difficult for newbies. That is the reason why it is important to get an accountability partner when you make your own monthly budget. Married or single, all of us need someone trustworthy in our lives who isn’t scared to ask us how the budget’s going and call us to attention when we are going against our obligations.

Only do not corner the first man you see in the beans and rice aisle at the grocery store tonight and ask them if they will be your accountability partner. That is a recipe for catastrophe.

Here’s what you have to do:

Married Couples

Your husband or wife should be your accountability partner. Couples should speak with each other first about their money. It is wonderful to meet up with other trustworthy sources and financial trainers to get external views, but not before you’ve consented to work with your partner as a team. Since financial fights are the primary reason behind divorce in the United States, being on the exact same financial page with your husband or wife is essential to experience unity in your union.

Developing a budget that you both can agree on only works when both of you have input jointly into it. When the budgeting choices are made by one, the other feels controlled and does not have any motivation to abide by the budget. But you both have a say and are inspired to achieve the same aims when you can hold each other –and each other accountable to your budget commitment.

However rough it is to get through those monthly budget preparations, you must do them. No pain, no gain? It’s going to take several months to fine tune it and get used to keeping each other accountable more than you have done in the past, but it’ll get easier as you observe the savings grow.


Don’t think because you’re single, you’re off the hook of sticking to your budget simply because you do not have a spouse as a built in accountability partner. Locate a trustworthy friend who loves you enough to be honest with you for your own good. This cannot be a “yes man,” someone who’ll turn the parameters of your budget because they are scared to tell you, “No, there’s not enough money in that category, so you’re not buying it!”
This person may also assist you to put together a working budget and fine tune it along the way. It’d be wise to do so for large purchases you are thinking of making, although you do not have to run every single conclusion about your spending by this person. Their dedication and external view of things can save you lots of heartache and fiscal woes.

After you have an accountability partner set up, you may feel a feeling of empowerment, self-responsibility and control over your budget.

Never stop budgeting. If you need help with a budget, click here.

Government Debt Relief Grants

There is a lot of mistaken information going around these days about government debt relief grants. Some people believe that the government will pay to get individuals out of debt. Unfortunately that is not true. However, there may be other ways that the government can help you financially.


The federal government will not give you money just because you are in debt, but it may be that you will qualify for a financial grant for other purposes. That would help you out financially.

There are 26 different government grant making agencies. Many of these are set up to make grants for community projects, for example in the arts or community development. Others are research grants, for hospitals or doctors carrying out research into health and disease. However, some grants are available to individuals.

You have to be in certain situations to qualify for these grants. For example, there is disaster prevention and relief which helps people who have lived through disasters such as hurricanes or fires. Other grants may be available for housing or for developing your small business if you have one. You can see the grants available at


There is also a government loans program. While this will not get you out of debt, if you qualify you could get a loan at a much better rate of interest than you would pay with most credit cards or commercial loan companies. Again these are usually for specific purposes such as business, housing and education (student loans).

Some of the government loans are administered through banks. So if you are asking your bank about a loan, it is always worth enquiring whether they have any government loans that you might be entitled to. You can find information about these loans at

Debt Relief Agencies

There are many debt relief agencies that are nothing to do with the federal or state government but may have a name that makes you think they are a government agency. Be cautious in dealing with any of these. Some of them are reputable agencies but others may be trying to deceive you.

You can be fairly sure that if a website ends in .gov, it is a government website. If it ends in .com or anything else, it is probably not. If you are in doubt, check the terms of the website or ask them.

If an agency charges you a fee for finding you a grant or helping you get out of debt, it is a sign that you are probably just dealing with a commercial debt counselor or debt relief agency. They may be able to help you reduce your debts but they will charge you something for their time. You have to decide if this is likely to save you money overall.

Sometimes a company may advertise that they have ‘government debt relief’ available. What they will usually offer you is advice on declaring bankruptcy. This process may be regulated by the federal government but it is not a grant. For most people there are better ways of getting out of debt than bankruptcy.

Even if it comes as bad news, it is better to know the truth about the options that are available to you. There is really not such a thing as government debt relief grants.

Home Budget

Here is an excellent breakdown of the best way to create a budget from both your income and expenditure sides.

You need to make a fresh budget for each month. Every time that calendar changes, there are new birthdays, vacations, insurance statements, proms and so forth. There’s no one budget that’s perfect all of the time. Therefore, you need to make a fresh budget for every new month.

Budget should include:

− Pay Checks
− Income from other small businesses
− Part time jobs
− Residual income
− Freelance work
− Child support

There might be few other areas that we did not cover, but the overlying rule is this: Whenever you receive money during the month, write it in your income column.

If you’re married, don’t divide your incomes. The separate amount each of you earn every month is not important. What’s important is that you pull the two incomes together.

Outgoing Expenses

Review your credit report free yearlyEvery expenditure you make each month have to be written down. Rent, telephones, cable, food and everything in between. Again, because you create a new spending plan every month, some months you will have expenditures while in some others, you will not. A gift budget may not be low in December but will, in April, or there may be car insurance due. Take it one month at a time. Never combine months.

Clear all the confusion. In the event you are perplexed about just how to categorize expenditures (does a restaurant visit count as “food” or “eating out”?), just find out what system works best for you. When you’ve got two categories which are clearly distinct (like gas cash and movies), you need to separate them. However, when you spend $100 at the grocery store purchasing food and things to run your home like shampoo and paper towels, you might put that all under “grocery.”

Start Early

Make your budget a few days before the month starts. People get dejected if it is August 6 and they never made the budget of August. Do not let the month sneak up on you without being prepared. You should have the budget of August ready by July 29.

Each time you purchase anything, write it down. Take 60 seconds when you get home from work to upgrade your budget. Be alert and do this little bit of work daily. You don’t want to open your wallet and find a week’s worth of receipt in there.

Everything Points to Zero

The point of every budget would be to make both the outgoings and incomings equal zero. They are supposed to cancel each other out. If you happen to find 500 bucks left after you have cancelled out all your expenses, the budget is not done yet. Make the most of that 500 bucks by investing it or saving it or maybe using to get out of debt. If you fell to do that, you miss on the opportunity of having your money work for you.

You should be in charge of your finances by telling every dollar exactly where it had to go. For more information and coaching, you can go to

Submarines Documentary Most Advance Submarine Of The US Navy Military Channel

Submarines Documentary – Most Advance Submarine Of The US Navy – Military Channel A submarine is a watercraft efficient in independent procedure .

USS Pennsylvania is a United States Navy Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine which has been in commission since 1989. The Ohio class is a class of nuclear .

An interesting documentary on US navy nuclear armed submarines produced by the pentagon channel. Composition of the current force[edit] Ohio class

Ноw tо Parent Teenagers

When parenting teenagers, thе closeness оf уоur relationship wіth уоur teen depends оn оnе key skill – effective communications. I’m nоt talking аbоut hоw well уоu аs а parent саn lecture уоur teen – оn thе contrary. Good communication skills аrе а two-way street – thаt mеаns thе parent must аlsо listen effectively аs well аs talk.

Teenagers аrе notorious fоr thеіr distinct lack оf outward communication wіth thеіr parents. Whіlе nоt аll teens share thіs trait, іt саn bе difficult tо gеt thе quiet оnеs tо “play thе game.” Аs а parent оf а teen mуsеlf, І’vе learned three usеful techniques thаt hаvе helped mе build а closer relationship wіth mу teenager. Мауbе, оnе оr mоrе оf thеsе tips саn help уоu gеt closer tо уоur teenager

Be А Listener

This mау bе оnе оf thе mоst difficult tasks іn building effective communications wіth уоur teenager. Оnе wау thаt І’vе learned thаt dоеsn’t work іs tо play “20 questions.” Yоu definitely dо nоt wаnt tо sound lіkе а grand inquisitor – оr lіkе а lawyer whо іs grilling а witness, trуіng tо squeeze оut thе facts.

Rather, уоu mау wаnt tо treat thе situation аs јust casual chit-chat – tо start. Success mіght nоt аlwауs bе realized usіng thіs technique, but І’vе learned thаt mоst teenagers rеаllу dо wаnt tо communicate wіth thеіr parents, but оn thеіr оwn level аnd оn thеіr оwn terms. Тhе mоrе thе parent іs interested іn а раrtісulаr subject, thе lеss thе teen іs wіllіng tо reveal. Yоu must асt casual аnd bе mоstlу uninterested whіlе уоu build rapport wіth уоur teen.

As уоur teen bесоmеs mоrе comfortable wіth thе situation, thе mоrе hе оr shе will reveal – sоmеtіmеs іn parts оr аs а whоlе. Тhіs іs whеrе уоur listening skills соmе іntо play. Learn tо pick uр оn bits аnd pieces оf іnfоrmаtіоn, аs thіs mау bе аll уоu gеt. Dо nоt bе judgmental, kеер уоur ears open, аnd уоu’ll bе amazed аt whаt уоu саn learn

Give Yоur Full Attention

When families thеsе days аrе sо busy wіth jobs, school, sports аnd а hundrеd оthеr distractions, parents tend tо trу аnd “multi task” wіth thеіr teenagers. Тhіs tеnds tо discourage effective communications, аnd mау drive thе teen farther аwау frоm hіs оr hеr parents. І’vе learned thаt іf І wаnt mу teenager’s full attention, І must bе wіllіng tо gіvе thе sаmе аs well.

Turn оff thе tv, shut dоwn уоur computer оr close thаt book, аnd mаkе іt knоwn thаt thе time уоu spend wіth уоur teenager іs thеіrs аnd thеіrs аlоnе. Yоu shоuldn’t bе distracted bу countless оthеr details – remember whаt І sаіd аbоvе аbоut listening? Yоur teen mау communicate іn snippets, аnd іf you’re оn thе phone wіth уоur boss, оr sееіng whо іs thе nехt American Idol, уоu јust mіght mіss thе mоst іmроrtаnt bit оf іnfоrmаtіоn thаt wаs offered uр аll week!

Try tо Find Тhе Positive

How саn уоu expect tо build а closer relationship wіth уоur teenager іf еvеrу оthеr sentence уоu utter іs а criticism. Сеrtаіnlу, whеn parenting teenagers, negatives саn bе easier tо notice thаn positives – messy rooms, sloppy clothes, еtс. еtс. І knоw – thеsе negatives stand оut lіkе а sore thumb – еsресіаllу whеn І find mуsеlf tripping оvеr mу daughter’s shoes day аnd night! Оr, whеn І find dirty dishes аnd glasses аll оvеr thе house!

But, І hаvе learned tо temper mу wоrds, аnd іnstеаd оf griping аbоut thе bad, І reward thе good. І’ll bet thаt thеrе іs sоmеthіng уоu саn compliment уоur teenager аbоut еасh day – nоt аn empty, gratuitous remark, but оnе thаt іs earned аnd deserved. Тhіs mау tаkе sоmе time, but іn mу case, mу teenager hаs shifted hеr behavior іn сеrtаіn areas оvеr time wіth thіs technique – shе hаs cleaned hеr room (wіthоut bеіng asked) аnd hаs dоnе оthеr things tо mаkе mе bеlіеvе thіs technique rеаllу hаs benefits. Аnd, І dоn’t sound lіkе а nag, аlthоugh І hаvе hаd tо bite mу tongue mаnу times.

When parenting teenagers, working tоwаrds а closer relationship wіth уоur teen саn bе а simple аnd rewarding process. Јust remember tо bе patient аnd learn tо bе а good listener – аnd remember thаt уоu wеrе оnсе іn thеіr shoes аs а teenager yourself!

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Gambling Debt

Gambling debt is like any other debt, with one big difference. That is, that there is a big temptation to try to get out of debt using the same method that got you in there in the first place, that is, gambling.

Take a person who runs up store card debts buying clothes and furniture. It is obvious that their first step in getting out of debt is to stop doing that. There is no way that buying more clothes and furniture is going to solve their debt problem.

But a gambler sees things differently. A person who has lost a lot of money on horses or in casinos is very likely to think that they can get their money back by gambling more. They believe in the big win. They believe they will hit the jackpot.

A small time gambler who buys a couple of lotto tickets every week is the obvious example. Now and then they have a little win, but over time, they are steadily losing money. They know this. But they believe in the dream.

It is also partly psychological. People do not like to feel stupid, or that somebody has made a fool of them, or that they have wasted their money. The only way that they can justify all that money that has been poured down the drain that is the casino and the lottery is to go on believing that if they keep gambling, sooner or later they will have the big win that will have made it all worthwhile.

Some people who gamble even do it because they want to buy that dream. ‘If you’re not in, you can’t win’ – and without a ticket, you can’t dream your way out of your mundane existence.

But we all know in our hearts that it doesn’t make sense. Almost all small time gamblers lose money; almost all big time gamblers are crippled and broken by debt. The only winners are the casinos and the bet takers … and a very small number of instant millionaire jackpot winners who are used by the establishment to keep the dream alive for everybody else.

So the first thing to do in getting out of gambling debts is to give up the dream. Accept that you are not going to profit from gambling. Understand that even if you did win something next time, you would always lose it in an attempt to win more. As long as you believe that you can profit from gambling, you will never stop.

Read books on the statistics of gambling, if that helps. Analyze casino games to understand that nobody can beat the casino in the long term. Ask yourself how many lotto winners are happier after their win. You will find that most of them are miserable – suffering from depression, divorce, drugs or drink, unable to manage their unexpected riches, soon poorer than ever and with their self esteem gone too.

Then, stop gambling in all forms. This may mean asking to have yourself banned and canceling your accounts. It also means not betting with your friends on the outcome of the match at the weekend and not buying another lottery ticket.

If you can do that, you will be able to get out of debt. You will never do it if you go on gambling. Stop thinking that one more bet will solve all your problems – it will not. There is only one way out of gambling debt, and it is not the way you came in.

Sea Devil (SSN-664)

Sturgeon Class Attack Submarine: Laid down, 12 April 1966, at Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Co., Newport News, VA.: Launched, 5 October 1967; Commissioned, USS Sea Devil (SSN-664), 28 June 1968; Decommissioned and simultaneously struck from the Naval Register, 16 October 1991; Final Disposition, entered the NPSSRP (Nuclear Powered Ship and Submarine Recycling Program) at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, WA., 1 March 1998, completed program, 7 September 1999.

Specifications: Displacement, Surfaced: 3,640 t., Submerged: 4,640 t.; Length 292′ 3″; Beam 31′ 8″; Draft 28′ 8″; Speed, Surfaced 15 kts, Submerged 25 kts; Depth limit 1,300′; Complement 108; Armament, four 21″ torpedo tubes amidships aft of bow, MK 48 Torpedoes, UUM-44A SUBROC, UGM-84A/C Harpoon, MK 57 deep water mines, MK 60 CAPTOR mines; Combat Sensors, Radar, BPS-14/15 surface search, Sonars, BQQ-5 multi-function bow mounted, BQR-7 passive in submarines with BQQ-2, BQS-12 active 7, TB-16 or TB-23 towed array, EW Systems, WLQ-4(V), WLR-4(V), WLR-9 ; Propulsion System, one S5W nuclear reactor, two steam turbines, one propeller, 15,000 shp.


Grocery Budget Planning

The Best Way to Create a Realistic Grocery Budget

Just how much do I need to spend on groceries? It is a question we have all wondered about the correct answer to one time or another.

groceriesYour closest friend spends around $900 on hamburgers and all-natural soymilk every month, while a family member of yours spends $200 on microwave pizza and Ramen noodles. You are mistaken about what is appropriate, although you are someplace in the middle.

The thing about comparing grocery budgets is the fact that no two are precisely similar. Naturally, many people spend more (or less) based on their family size, tastes and income. That is why it is paramount that you create a grocery funding that is appropriate for your family.


Here are five steps that would help you discover the appropriate grocery budget for your family:

  1. Dig into your present spending: How much do you spend for groceries now? No guessing here. Study last month’s bank statement and see what you really spent on meat, cheese and fresh-filled pickles. Is it way more than you anticipated? Is it more than you would like to pay? This really is your starting point.
  2. Establish your new amount: Since you understand how much you have been paying the grocery stores, determine how much you had rather pay them. For instance, in the event you spent $600 on grocery stores previously, try knocking it down to $500 this month. Ensure that it stays realistic.
  3. Break it down into smaller bits: Divide your entire budget into a digestible sum before you begin shopping. Take that $500 for the month and split it into four weeks ($125). By dividing them into smaller quantities, you will be kept from eating PB&Js for the following three and blowing $400 in the very first week.
  4. Make it work for you: Make sure to stick to your new grocery budget and then add some of these tips:
  • Create a meal plan: Plan all your breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the following week. Write out your shopping list following the meal plan. By sticking to the list, you avoid impulse purchases.
  • Think generic. You are already purchasing generic sugar and salt, so why stop there? In a recent case study, researchers posits that Americans could save $44 billion put together if we purchased more store-brand items and less name-brand items.
  • Buy in volume: In regards to non-perishable goods (or that spinach you are using in your everyday salad) get the larger size. You’ll cut back on wasteful packaging and save more per oz.
  • Swap grocery stores: Don’t get stuck with one particular grocery store, just because you’re your favorite – you might not be getting the best deal! Try out a fresh grocery store (or mix of shops) and you can save quite a bit.
  1. Monthly evaluation: Look back at what worked and what did not once the month ends. And if you fulfilled all grocery target with $50 to reserve, superb! Can you cut more? In the event you ended up going over budget, try bumping up your budget a little or simplifying some of your meal plans.

If you continue like this, in a month or two, you should be able to find the appropriate budget for you. No more wondering if you are overspending and no more comparing yourself to your family and friends. To learn more about finances, visit